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Community-Involved and Family-Owned Since 1972

At Parrish Excavating, Inc., we strive to find new and innovative ways to provide high-quality commercial excavation. Customers know they can trust our team due to our hard-won reputation and acquisition of Davenport Excavation. We love what we do, and we believe our adoration of our field translates to quality work. If you are a commercial client in need of excavation work, we encourage you to contact us immediately. We’ll survey your site and get to work, no matter how complicated the job might be.


What We Can Offer Commercial Clients

We are proud of our legacy for providing high-quality and versatile excavation services. In addition to delivering common excavation, we also offer specialty site development services like streetscapes, downtown area rehabilitation, and more:

Housing Subdivisions

Subdivisions require a tremendous amount of planning and project management. One of the most critical tasks is careful excavation so that the construction process can move forward without any hiccups.

Commercial Lots

If you are a developer with plans to build a supermarket, strip mall, or office park, then you’ll need a quality excavator to dig the basement, create trenches for pipes, and much more. We have years of experience doing so.

Industrial Parks

Industrial parks rely heavily on well-planned sewer lines, water treatment pipes, and more. To install them, you’ll need a team who can not only lay the pipes but also dig the trenches. We handle all the excavations on industrial projects.

School Site Development

We work closely with municipalities to excavate earth for school site development projects. Our services include retention and detention basin development, trench digging for sewage systems, and much more.

We Have a Long History of Unparalleled Customer Service

We are a community-minded and family-owned company. That means you can expect a personal touch from our specialists. Because we have so much experience, we have delivered on our promises, project after project. Our past projects include the Coldwater Youth Baseball and Softball Complex, The Apartments at Sauk Trail, and the Coldwater Board of Public Utilities. Discover why working with Parrish Excavating, Inc. is your best bet for a successful project.

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